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Spine regenerative massage

Regenerative Spine Massage Use - Definitely necessary if a spine and ligaments are not needed. If a spine doesn't work the same way, or too loose, or too stiff, inflexible, a spine loses stability, posture deteriorates, and vertebrae and cartilage are used more quickly. In this case, an organization reports the problem with back pain. This massage removes muscle stiffness.

Classic Swedish massage

Classic massage - full body massage - lower and upper limbs and spine. Stimulates blood circulation. It relaxes and relaxes the whole body. Recommended for spinal and lower limb pain and prolonged fatigue and stress. Massage stimulates blood circulation and affects the nervous and glandular system as well as the internal organs. The massage technique is determined by the guest's health and needs.

Neck-shoulder massage

The back, nape and shoulder massage eliminates the chronic and. pain in the upper part of the spine due to injury, relieves pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Relieves headaches and improves blood circulation. It is recommended for anyone who is exposed to high strain and does sedentary work as daily stress builds up in the head, neck and shoulders.

Problem-oriented special massage

Problem-Oriented Specialized Massage - For the treatment of painful areas with pain. It is used in physical therapy to relieve the symptoms of injuries and illnesses, especially for musculoskeletal problems, muscle shrinkage, joint and muscle complaints, recommended after thrombosis and respiratory complaints. In addition to classical massage techniques, other techniques (reflex therapy, Bowen, stretching, manual) are used depending on the condition.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic Massage - improves lymphatic drainage in the body, pressing and rubbing the skin with the help of appropriate techniques, helps to get the lymph into the lymph nodes. Massage is recommended when the lymph nodes are swollen or. lymph circulation is inadequate - it causes oxygen-rich blood to enter the system, which improves the body's resistance and promotes detoxification.

Stress relieving, soothing massage

Full Body Relaxation Massage - Relaxes and regenerates the body. Slow movements characterize this massage and the masseur uses soft, soft techniques. Massage helps to relieve stress, soothes and stimulates the immune system. It improves energy supply and helps restore the body's natural harmony. A great way to combat physical and mental fatigue.

Foot massage Foot reflexology

Reflexology - massage by stimulating points and zones on the sole. Foot reflex therapy is a method of acupressure. Acupressure is the massaging of points on different parts of the body. Massaging the reflex points on the soles triggers physiological reactions, promotes self-healing and helps restore physiological balance. More than 7,000 nerves terminate on the soles, which also connect to the brain and other organs. Thus the effect of foot massage is felt throughout the body.

Bowen massage / therapy

Bowen Technique - The Original Bowen Technique (Bowtech for short) is a holistic treatment that affects the entire body. It is characterized by fine movements, simplicity, safety, minimalism and high efficiency. The basic characteristic of the method is the subtlety of the therapist's movements, which are palpable but completely painless. The movements are made by the therapist at specific points in the body, not necessarily in the painful part, but healing occurs.


Professional studies

School: Medyczne Studium Zawodowe Nr 1 Szczecin (Lengyelország)
Study: Gyógytornász, Masszőr

School: Firma Pakt Katowice (Lengyelország)
Study: Manuálterápia

School: Akademia Body Life (Lengyelország)
Study: wellness, egészséges életmód, fittness oktató

School: Polski Instytut Refleksologii / RiEN (Lengyelország)
Study: Talpmasszázs-talpreflexológia

School: Bowtech the Bowen Technique (Lengyelország)
Study: Bowen masszázs/terápia

Price list

Spine regenerative massage / If Massage
45/60 perc 5 500 / 7 000 Ft
- - -
Classic Swedish massage - full body massage
90/120 perc 10 000 / 13 000 Ft
- - -
Neck-shoulder massage
45 perc 5 500 Ft
- - -
Problem-oriented special massage
45/60/90 perc 6 000 / 8 000 / 10 000 Ft
- - -
Lymphatic massage
60/90/120 perc 6 000 / 9 000 / 12 000 Ft
- - -
Stress relieving, soothing massage
60/90 perc 7 000 / 10 000 Ft
- - -
Foot massage Foot reflexology
40/60 perc 6 000 / 8 000 Ft
- - -
Bowen massage
20-45 perc 4 000 - 8 000 Ft


   My name is Agata Pap. I am a Certified Physiotherapist (Rehabilitation Specialist). I graduated from medical high school. I have been living in Szentendre since 2012 and every day I am pleased to have the opportunity to admire the beauty of this country and to get to know its inhabitants. I'm on my way.
    For me, massage is more than a job, my passion, and it encourages me to constantly improve my abilities.
There is no place for routine here. Each massage is an extraordinary experience and human body work is always a pleasure.
     I do not traditionally approach this form of therapy. Above all, I keep in mind the health of the vendèg and the high level of professionalism in the service. Each patient requires a unique attitude, giving everyone as much attention and time as they need. It is very important to understand exactly what kind of complaint the guest is receiving, the holistic attitude is the key here. During the consultation, we determine the most appropriate therapy based on individual needs, lifestyle, activity, complaints, and out-of-body information.
    My passion is health, preservation, proper lifestyle, activity, and diet. I am constantly expanding my knowledge in this field at conferences, seminars and courses. I am trying to promote a healthy lifestyle among others.
    The most important thing for me is how we live. I believe that it is important not only in massage but also in life to hear and fulfill the needs of our body and soul. My motto is to live a little happier every day.

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